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The Ore Car

A hearty meal of Beef Chunks with Pineapple, Green Peppers, Onion, Tomato and Mushrooms cooked on a skewer.

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Deep Fried Mushrooms

A Timbermine must! Delicately fried on our famous homemade batter, served with our own cocktail sauce.

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Mud Pie

Oreo cookie crust with mocha ice cream and fudge topping, a Timbermine recipe.

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The Timbermine at the mouth of Ogden Canyon has great steaks, seafood, and prime rib. The restaurant itself is an eclectic museum with lots of local ski artifacts.

Aaron Teasdale
National Geographic

#1 Best Eat North of SLC. Try the halibut or a nice grilled steak and then take a walk down the Weber River walkway.

News Castic

Timbermine offers the best steaks in Ogden with an old mine ambiance. The only thing I don’t like about Timbermine is that their prime rib is so good that it has ruined all other prime ribs for me.

Christa Lindley
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